Touch-type Read and Spell
A Computer Based Course for Children and Adults
who have spelling and reading difficulties Dyslexia and other learning differences
Keys To Reading Canada: has developed a tutoring resource center in Sarnia Ontario, that provides Multi-Sensory Reading Programs to Dyslexic and struggling readers.
What is the tutoring resource center?
A licensed and accredited business that provides professionally trained instruction, and is the first licensed center to offer Touch-Type Read and Spell in Canada.
Programs offered are proven and research-based alternatives used when conventional reading instruction in school has been unsuccessful. Geared to learners of all ages, students progress at their own pace during an optimal 2 -3 sessions weekly. Every child struggles in their own unique way, and we tailor each program to the child needs. Reading instruction is “Orton-Gillingham” based, which means they are considered the “Gold Standard” of remedial reading programs. They are a systematic, explicit, sequential AND most importantly a “multi-sensory approach” to learning.
Orton-Gillingham based programs are the only programs eligible to be claimed on personal income tax -under the medical section of your Canadian Income Tax Form. Only students whose family physician supports the program in writing (as being a beneficial intervention for the students’ reading struggles), may make a claim, and is subject to personal income levels.
Our Philosophy:
We believe that any goals can be reached when they are envisioned with confidence and self esteem. To put it simply, “we get it”. We understand the psychological issues, behavioral fall-out, worry, personal struggles with self esteem, feeling stupid, lack of motivation and emotional strain that students and their parents must deal with. We know what it is like to try to search for answers, and spending endless hours on the internet looking for clues and assistance.
Our Approach:
Keys To Reading Tutoring Resource Center, is unique in its’ approach to helping students succeed. Our goal is to find the key that unlocks a student’s reading potential and help the child break that cycle of failure. Every child that works with the center is treated with respect, praised, encouraged and all programs are designed to achieve measurable success. This is the one place where they can find their personal comfort zone and appreciate their unique learning styles. We take the time to enhance each session with opportunities to be creative in our approach, to take the fear out of reading and to have fun with language.
For details regarding our Sarnia resource centre, course times and spaces available, please contact
Keys to Reading (Canada)®
At 519-908-9417,
Email us at
Join our success story ...
Keys to Reading (Canada) seek to build on its success and expand its presence within Ontario. We are always looking for excellent teachers to help manage future locations and run our programs. If you are an experienced tutor, instructor or retired educational professional we would like to hear from you. Email us at
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