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We are pleased to be opening our first London location at the...

Byron United Church
420 Boler Road, London N6K 2K5

Located in the west end of London, Ontario, we are at the corner of Byron Baseline and Boler Road. Both the (Springbank) and the (Oxford West) buses stop at the front door and parking is also available. The Keys to Reading classroom is located on the lower lever. Please watch for our signs.

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Regular Classes Start: Tuesday, September 21st

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CONTACT: Adrian Webb (London Regional Office)
PHONE: 519-520-7892 * FAX: 519-472-9816


Please join us for an informative presentation on the Touch-type Read and Spell program hosted by Keys to Reading (Canada). Parents are encouraged to bring their child along as they will have the opportunity to experience this multi-sensory computer-based reading program first hand.

SPECIAL GUEST! Meet renowned Canadian children’s book illustrator Ron Broda, Dyslexic and a current “Touch-type Read and Spell” student.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2010 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
30 North Centre Road, London, Ontario N5X 3W1 (Fanshawe and Richmond Road)
Phone: 519-660-4646

This Open House information session is completely FREE with no obligation. Free parking is also available. Come and find out how “Touch-type Read and Spell” could help your young struggling reader.

If you are unable to attend, please request our email newsletter for dates and times of future events and course locations. You can reach us through the CONTACT US page.

MONDAY, JULY 12, 2010

by Hank Daniszewski

Keys to Reading Canada, a tutoring resource centre in Sarnia, has acquired a program designed for dyslexic learners.

The company, founded a year ago by Joanne Webb, provides specialized multi-sensory reading programs for dyslexic and struggling readers. The Canadian Dyslexia Association says the condition accounts for 80 to 90% of all learning disabilities.

Keys to Reading Canada has acquired the only Canadian license for the British-based Touch-Type Read & Spell (TTRS) program. The program has been used successfully for more than 15 years in prisons, colleges and universities throughout the United Kingdom. Webb is in the process of offering summer introductory workshops for struggling readers in the London area, with the intent of providing London with its own TTRS centre,

Webb said TTRS has been developed specifically for the dyslexic learner, and lays out phonemic sounds and structure explicitly and sequentially, allowing the user to gain success with reading and spelling, while developing proficient skills and speed on a keyboard.

Webb, he mother of two dyslexic children, founded her company after years of home schooling and research. “I decided to become a part of the solution, so that families like (mine) would be able to help their children break that cycle of failure, and discover their keys to reading and literacy:’

For more information, visit the web-site at

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June 2010
Learning Disabilities Association of Lambton County Newsletter

Literacy at Your Fingertips!
by Tiffany White

A new literacy program that was developed in England over 16 years ago has finally come to Canada! This computer-based course is called "Touch-type, Read and Spell" (TTRS) and is being run by Keys to Reading Canada. This program has been running in Sarnia for over a year now and has been extremely successful. The program is targeted towards students with dyslexia and/or other learning difficulties. The program helps develop the student's literacy as well as their self-confidence and self-esteem. The program uses a combination of typing, reading/seeing the words on the screen, as well as hearing the words through headphones to help children develop their literacy and vocabulary. This program has resulted in many success stories. For more information about this program that is offered in Sarnia, Ontario check out the website or call 519-312-0471.

*Thanks to Tiffany White at the Learning Disabilities Association of Lambton County for including us in their June 2010 online newsletter.

I have 3 daughters age 11, 10 and 5. My eldest has some very serious learning challenges. We needed a program that would encourage her to use the technology available, help her with reading and spelling and most importantly work on her self esteem.

We decided to enrol her in the TTRS program at Keys to Reading. She instantly connected with Joanne, which was not surprising. Joanne is warm, fun and a straight shooter. My daughters keyboarding skills improved, her attention improved, her spelling improved and she was “getting” the reading part. The most significant thing for me however, was how much she enjoyed going to TTRS. She was motivated to learn.

As a result of her excitment about the program, I enrolled my other daughters in TTRS.
WOW!!!! I now have a five year old who can type with both hands on the keyboard, and loves to read. My 10 year olds' confidence improved. This is just one of the many side effects of quality programming and fantastic teaching. We are looking forward to the future and many more years of TTRS. I am a very satisfied customer!!!

Grace Creatura Lee
Sarnia Ontario

20 May, 2010
Joanne Webb / Keys to Reading (Canada)

Dear Joanne,
Thank you so very much for teaching our son, Luca, to read.
You have given him such a gift!

As a home schooling family, reading is a vitally important skill we need to cover well. Luca is only six and in the last several months you have taken him from illiterate and reluctant to proudly reading Dr Seuss and Asterix books to himself!

You introduced him to keyboarding skills at the same time and now he can search online for his own Pokemon characters! The sense of achievement you have given him has been a huge boost to his self confidence. This is the very best beginning to a life time of learning with ease and joy.

We have told all our friends about the amazing results you get. Every child should get a taste of the delight of reading from you!
Thank you!
Dr. and Mrs. Pasqualucci
Sarnia, Ontario

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