Touch-type Read and Spell
A Computer Based Course for Children and Adults
who have spelling and reading difficulties Dyslexia and other learning differences
How can our tutoring resource center help you and your child?
Classes are available in TTRS for up to 5 students, as well as one on one tutoring. This can be scheduled at the home office for afternoon or evening sessions or during your child’s lunch or resource break at school. Prior approval must be given by school administrators. TTRS Classes are on-going, including during summer vacations. The course is attended for two or more hours per week.
Keys to Reading is pleased to offer FREE trial classes to interested students prior to formal enrollment. To request a brochure or to arrange for a free consultation, click on our CONTACTS page. Upon completion of course, receipts for income tax purposes will be issued.
We understand… That your child may be fidgety, or has to move while he learns. That they love to build and create rather that read or write, and we use those strengths to help them learn to overcome their weaknesses. We also understand that many children are fearful of reading aloud. Don’t worry, your child’s emotional well-being is a priority and anxieties will be handled with care.
What else do I need to know? First and foremost, relax and take the stress off yourself and your child! Please do not penalize poor academic performance by withholding sports activities or involvement in extracurricular interests i.e. dance, art, music, until they shows signs of improvement. It is essential that these students continue to succeed in things they are good at. Their self esteem will be boosted by the fact that you appreciate and value these skills in them also.
Realize that language remediation takes time and commitment. The sooner struggles are recognized, the better. It may take just as long to catch up as it took to fall behind. Dyslexia and reading issues are as individual as your child, and can affect students from mild to severe. While there is no “magic” bullet, your child can learn to read, and develop unique coping strategies. Where Dyslexia is present, academic achievement may continue to take a greater effort, but this learning style can reveal inner talents, strengths and rewards.

Joanne Webb is President and facilitator of Keys To Reading Canada, as well as the mother of 3 children, 2 of which are dyslexic. Her passion for developing Keys To Reading Canada, was the result of over 15 years of personal experience, home-schooling, research and finally training, to learn more about Dyslexia, and the personal toll it can take for those falling through the academic cracks. Realizing that resources were either unavailable or financially out of reach, she decided it was time to break the cycle of failure and become a part of the solution. Not only was she able to help her own family, but others trying to make sense out of the many “acronyms” assigned to intelligent children that fail to read by conventional methods.

Joanne and her husband Ron Broda (who is also Dyslexic) are strong advocates of the “creative genius” that so often stems from this unique learning style. Ron Broda, is a Children’s Book Illustrator and paper sculpture artist recognized as “One of Canada’s Top Five Illustrators”, and is a sought after speaker in schools across Canada.

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